Become a Bespoke Volunteer

You don’t need to run to be part of an event!

We love our volunteers, the runners love our volunteers and our volunteers love volunteering! They truly are the lifeblood of the sport we all love. Volunteering is a great way to have fun, make friends, enhance your CV and experience the electric atmosphere of a race day.

So if you have friends or family member running, are an events management student or just want to get involved and experience the buzz of these awesome events, why not become a volunteer. You don’t need any special skills, just be reliable, flexible and have lots of enthusiasm!

If you want to help out or if you are a part of a local community or youth group that might be interested in getting involved, we would love to hear from you!

Typical Volunteer Duties

Erecting barriers and signage to help set up the start/finish area.

Be a race stewards, directing people around the Event.

Keep the runners hydrated and hand out drinks at the water stations.

Congratulate the runners with medals and goodie bags at the end of race.

Course Sweepers – The course is swept during the race, with sweepers following the last runners in and clearing all markings/ trash as they go. This is a great way of experiencing the race route and witnessing the incredible strength of those at the back of the pack.

Ever got to the end of a race and said ‘thank god for that volunteer back there who handed me that harribo/ helped me fill my water bottles/ ran with me for that section/ told me about the upcoming hill and to take it easy/ / made me a ham and cheese sandwich/ put the ice in my hat’ etc. etc. etc. Well, we have, and if you are one of those people then consider this as an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ but get something else in return.

We promise that you will enjoy your experience in whatever shape or form.

What do you get in return for volunteering


Helping The Community

An overwhelming feeling of reciprocated positive energy from grateful runners.


Free Running

For those dedicating over 3 events: Free entry to one of the races you volunteered at, for the following year.


Bespoke T- Shirt.

Receive a free Bespoke Fitness T-Shirt to keep forever.

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