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Llyn Alwen Trail Run 2015

Llyn Alwen Trail Run

Last Update: 22nd July 2015


Runner’s Name Race Time
Mark John Williams 41.23 1st Male
Paul Wathan 42.10 2nd Male
Mike Roberts 42.36 3rd male
Matthew Bryn 46.07
Gavin Rogers 46.39
Marc Musgrave 48.42
Stephen Roberts 49.35
Neil Dalleywater 50.15
James Weaver 51.15
Michael Fitzpatrick 51.34
Billy Collins 51.43
Sam Davies 52.08
Fred Jones 53.12
Rachel Haydock 54.31 1st Female
Michael Owen 54.32
Richard Jones 55.52
David Jones 55.54
Jim Salisbury 56.46
Llyr Jones 56.58
Peter Baraclough 57.05
Domenic Granelli 59.07
Katherine Edwards 59.57 2nd Female
Meilir Emrys 1:00:17
Adam Robson 1:01:25
Harriet Hickie 1:01:49 3rd Female
R.D Smart 1:01:50
Lisa Owen 1:02:06
W.J Owen 1:04:16
Elen Wynne 1:04:26
Kath Roberts 1:04:26
Colin Barnett 1:04:44
Krystal Garnett 1:07:01
Aneira Jones 1:07:10
Julie Jones 1:07:10
Sian Rogers 1:07:10
David Earnshaw 1:07:10
Jan Breeden 1:07:32
Heidi Evans 1:08:49
James Roberts 1:09:58
Maggie Pierce 1:09:58
Victoria Robson 1:10:09
Anne Griffiths 1:10:45
Dave Breeden 1:10:58
Andy Gilbody 1:12:49
Mared Williams 1:13:18
Nan Jones 1:15:37
Chloe Roberts 1:15:37
Caroline James 1:15:52
Siwan Jones 1:16:12
Alex Taylor 1:16:13
Lisa H Smith 1:21:14
Matthew Lowe 1:21:14

Due to unfortunate circumstances out of our control, the Clwydians Santa Dash this Sunday has had to be postponed on health and safety grounds due to the recent snow fall . We have therefore rescheduled this event for next week December 17th same time at the same venue weather permitting 

We have spoken at lengths with Denbighshire County Council and Natural Recourses Wales this morning and health and safety is at the forefront of our concerns, as much as it would be picturesque in the snow, vehicle access up the paths would be a real problem.

 Alternatively you can do Sunday December 17th.


Transfer to Tomorrows Santa Dash at Llandudno Pier, North Shore starting at 11am
and registration opening up at 9am. 

defer it to next years Clwydian Santa Run.

Which ever option you choose your details which are on our system and will automatically be transfered.When you sign up to any event we do ask you all to read terms and conditions, we as a company we incur costs from day one of an event and with all Santa suits, medals and planning of the event having been on-going- unfortunately we cannot offer a refund, hence why we have offered the three options above as good will.

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